Gutter Cleaning

Avoid Structural Damage by Keeping Gutters Clean

Gutter Cleaning

Using a specialist gutter vac system Birmingham Sparkle can easily remove any blockages to your gutters and restore full flow to your system.

If your drains get blocked, debris can cause issues and put pressure on the structure. This could lead to cracked pipes and the potential collapse of the gutter.

By cleaning your gutters regularly we can avoid any issues and keep your drainage flowing. We can clean your gutters from £15 per side.
Specialist Gutter Cleaning in Birmingham

Did you know that allowing an excess build-up of moss can cause damage to your property?

Many homeowners across the UK are unknowingly causing significant and costly damage to their properties. Your gutters are designed to remove water that falls on your roof and distribute it downpipes to the drain. However, they are not capable of retaining large amounts of water.

Over time, gutters become blocked with leaves, twigs and various other debris. The trapped rainwater can provide the perfect environment for airborne grass seeds, before you know it you have your own roof garden! Unfortunately, your gutters are not designed for this process and need to be cleaned before they become too heavy and break. Overflowing water can also cause damage to brickwork and encourage mould on walls, insulation and windows.

Regular gutter cleaning especially in areas with higher green spaces, trees and wildlife should keep your gutters flowing. Birmingham Sparkle can help clean cast iron gutters, pressed steel box gutters or plastic (PVC) gutters.
Available in Harborne, Qiunton, Halsowen, Edgbaston

Signs that show your gutters need cleaning

If you see overhanging plant growth, large spills in certain areas or lower hanging sections of your guttering.

You definitely need your gutters cleaning!

Another thing we recommend looking for is bird's nests. If you notice birds coming and going, they could be clogging the drainage system.
Stay safe, use a professional gutter cleaner

How do I clean my gutters?

Cleaning your gutters can be a dangerous job due to their height. Without specialist equipment, it will require large ladders and nerves of steel.

The best and safest way is by using a company such as Birmingham Sparkle we can inspect your gutters using specialist cameras attached to a telescopic pole from the ground.

We can use gutter vac equipment to safely remove debris from drains, quickly and with no mess.
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How often should I get my gutters cleaned?

This all depends on your surrounding areas, if you have large amounts of overhanging branches then you will need your gutters cleaned more often.

We recommend regular visual checks from the ground, looking for plant growth, spilling water and birds nests.

In Spring lookout for grass seeds coming through and in Autumn falling leaves and twigs build up.

Any issues give us a call and we can advise.

We can use gutter vac equipment to safely remove debris from drains, quickly and with no mess.
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